Bespoke Services Approach

Cornerstone Capital Partners provides strategic investment advisory services to select investors at every stage of a deal’s life cycle and help build greater returns through active management of portfolio companies.

We also advise on client’s strategy and development, creating value through improved performance.

  • Cornerstone provides creative solutions for strategic investors and private equity focused clients and partners investing in high quality companies that have strong business franchises, attractive growth prospects, leading market positions, and the ability to generate superior returns:
    • We work with clients and partners to achieve a minimum after-tax internal rate of return of 25% over the life of each investment
  • Business revitalization – making it more productive, more competitive and more profitable. We do this by streamlining operations, investing in future growth, and increasing the top and bottom lines for the benefit of all stakeholders, including: employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which the businesses operate
  • Target various sectors as per client’s mandate, also co-invest (where possible) alongside its clients
  • The principals of Cornerstone have an impeccable financial track record in originating, structuring, and exiting investments in several industries including but not limited to: infrastructure, diversified industrials, transport, energy, financial services, real estate services and investments, manufacturing, media & telecommunications industries, mining and mining services