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Cornerstone Capital Partners’ primary strength is the excellence and commitment of our professionals.

As our Firm continues to grow, Cornerstone Capital Partners is continually seeking to expand our base of talented professionals through rigorous recruiting. We are particularly interested in candidates with strong academic backgrounds and analytical abilities who exhibit the communication skills, leadership ability and teamwork orientation that our clients and partners demand.


Cornerstone Capital Partners will keep its small company culture even as the firm grows into a regional African powerhouse. This offers many benefits to Cornerstone Capital Partner’s professionals relative to other larger firms, including direct exposure to the Firm’s group of highly experienced leaders and ever-growing client base.


Cornerstone Capital Partners’ business model encourages professionals to assume as much responsibility as their experience and talent warrant. We look to trust our professionals with an appropriate level of responsibility as a catalyst to accelerating their careers and knowledge development.

Diversity and Inclusion

Cornerstone Capital Partners is committed to fostering a diverse, innovative, and inclusive workplace that creates opportunities for our people to maximize their full potential and supports a performance-based culture that values differences and similarities as well as empowers multiple perspectives. Investing in diversity and inclusion enables us to collaborate, transform, deliver and lead in increasingly complex, competitive global environments.